Wednesday, November 5, 2008


So, I go to work tonight ready to kick some behind and make some money. I was on a mission. Rent is due today and I am still short. I figured I'd make at least $200 and I'd be OK to write a check for rent at midnight. Then- like a brick to the temple, I get there and they have decided to close the upstairs of the restaurant. That's where I work 4 days a week. They say it's too cold and they don't see a point in keeping two bars open when they can't even keep one bar full. That's BS. The past two years they have been open and it stayed busy the whole time. The problem is that when the balcony is open, nobody wants to sit downstairs because they'd rather drink and smoke out on the balcony. Now that the balcony is closed, there are only so many places to sit. In turn, the whole restaurant stays full. My district manager doesn't see it that way. So, I lose my shift tonight, and he says tomorrow probably too. Where does that leave me? On the verge of a breakdown. I want to drink. But I won't. I fear this may be the biggest obstacle I've ever faced. McKenzee's B-day is Monday and I won't have any money for a gift. My rent is due NOW, and I can't pay it. My car payment is due Tuesday. I don't know how I'll pay it. My car insurance is past due and has to be payed by the 9th or it gets cancelled. It goes on and on. I am looking right now for a new job, but even if I got one tomorrow, I wouldn't get payed in time. I am a complete mess and I feel like I let my family down.


Abby said...

How stressful! They can't let you work in the bar downstairs? Or shoot, you were a waiter for a very long time..they can't give you some hours ANYWHERE in the place? I think that's messed up of them to need the hours. Why do you have to suffer because the upstairs isn't filling up? Why can't they just shuffle things around?

YogaNana said...

That is SO unreasonable!! May things get much better soon.