Monday, July 21, 2008

Hooray!!!! They're home!!!

Awwww yeah! I got my family back. They got home on Saturday afternoon, and it was just about time already. I had a coworker of mine take me to the airport to pick them up and it was wierd to see them again. I almost felt like it was the first time meeting them. It was only 5 weeks, but 5 weeks turns out to be a long time afterall. Maddens hair is all shaggy and Kenzee looks older and Kaiti is all tan and stuff ( She's got the coppertone baby butt, too. How cute.) Kenzee ran up to me and hugged me really good. I guess while they were making their way through the airport she kept asking Kaiti, "What should I say to Daddy when I see him?". She told Kaiti, "I'll just say, Daddy Daddy Daddy!!!". Madden just mean- mugged for awhile until I got him to crack a smile. I was all nervous around Kaiti because it had been so long. She seemed different at first. I didn't know what to say to her or anything. But after we kissed for the first time, we were right back where we left off. Anyway, I waited til Monday to post again because there was alot of catching up to do. It was so good to fall asleep with my wife again. It feels so much better than sleeping alone. Everyone at work was saying how nice it must be to have peace and quiet at home. Yeah, but not really. My peace comes from my family. They are what keeps me sane. The quiet was nice for a little bit, until you realize how alone you are. The kids and I wrestled on the bed for an hour last night and it was exactly what I'd been missing. They are so damn cute. Their legs are all tore up from mosquito bites right now though and it's pretty sad. That's what I don't miss about the east. The humidity and the never ending supplies of flesh eating insects. Anyway, I got alot done since they've been gone. At least I got more done than I could have if they never left. I still have a ways to go on these credit cards but I got one paid off and closed and now I have six more to go. I got the house looking mighty clean for the first time in awhile and I redecorated the dining room and the kids room. But the biggest accomplishment I made was paying off my fines in AZ and getting my drivers license back. Not that I have a car or anything, but if I did, I could drive it. Anyway, I gotta get back to the family and wife. Life goes on.