Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blasted teeth

Like most of the VanSciver's, I was blessed with chalk like teeth. Lately they are just killing me. My front teeth are fine and when I smile, you can't really notice the trouble in the back. My teeth are like the mouths version of a mullet. Business in the front, party in the back. Everything was going just fine and then all of a sudden I felt this crazy pulse run through my molar, up to my eyeball. The next morning I woke up and my gum was swollen. I have had many abcesses in my time, but the ones before would swell out and make my cheek swell and continue through my face until my eye was swollen shut. This one was swelling up the roof of my mouth.

I have been having enough trouble sleeping as it is because, yes, I am still sober. Last night was horrendous. I tossed and turned and got small intervals of sleep until I woke up having difficulty breathing because my nasal passages were being blocked. The right side of my face was in so much pain. Something had to be done.

I took a safety pin, heated it up to sanitize it, and jammed it through the bubble on the roof of my mouth. It began to bleed something fierce and i squeezed every bit of blood out of it until the swelling was gone. I rinsed my mouth out with listerine and drank a ton of water.

It was not pretty, but I have no insurance and couldn't afford to go to the ER or to have a dentist drain it. I missed work yesterday because of it and I can't miss anymore.

I don't recommend it to anyone, but the problem is solved now. For the most part at least.

As I mentioned, I am still sober. I am doing very good. The only problem is re-learning how to do things. Like sleep. It is wierd trying to fall asleep without just passing out. I have been drinking for over 10 years, and drinking alot. Now I just lay in bed until Kaiti gets sick of the TV being on and then I resort to the living room for the rest of the night.

I want to drink but I am keeping my promise. My cravings have gone down and I have been feeling better physically. I am still tired all the time and my body is adjusting a little slower than I hoped, but I am waking up in a better mood and feeling better throughout the day.

Thanksgiving is coming and I am pretty excited for it. I'm sure we'll be eating at Grandmas house, but I decided to adopt the apple turkey tradition this year. The kids will love it.

Christmas is also in the air and I am so happy. It's my second favorite time of the year. I can't wait to get a tree and decorate the house and all. I plan on loading up on all of the best DVD's and drinking a lot (of hot chocolate) and wearing Cosby sweaters. What ever happened to caroling? Nobody does that out here. It seemed so common when we were growing up in New Jersey. I remember our church would go do it every year. I miss that for some reason. The Christmas lists are pouring in and Kenzee wants this and this and this. Oh, and that too.

We are keeping it a little more on the minimal side this year because they are so spoiled by grandmas and grandpas and everyone else. It reminds me of when we were kids and Dad would go downstairs and exclaim, "He Came!!!!". The living room is just filled with toys. And though at the time it seems like you're doing good by spoiling them, it is too much trouble trying to find places to put everything. So, we're going to set a limit for each kid and stick to it.

In other news, we have been offered a house here in Lakewood that we could rent. It would be perfect but it is a little bit pricey. I have been dying to get out of this apartment for a long time now. This is our fourth year in this 2-bedroom hut and we just don't fit anymore. The house is huge though. It has 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 3 living rooms and is 3 stories. It has a full front and back yard. The backyard has a dog run, in case I ever get that dog I always wanted. Even though it's an English Bulldog that I want and I don't know how much he'd use a dog-run, it'd still be nice.

The house belongs to a friend of ours and his family. Our friend is being deployed and his parents want to move to Nebraska. They don't want to sell the house altogether and told us they'd like us to live there. The mortgage is $2100/month, but he said he'd let us rent it for $1800. Kaiti and I would take one room, the kids would get their own rooms and then Zach (brother-in-law) would get his own room. That leaves two rooms open. Right now I pay close to $1000 a month for where I live so I wouldn't mind paying the same for ALOT more space. We need one more person who is trustworthy and doesn't like to party. It's still in the early stages but I'll let you know.

Also, I am a bit late but as I said before, yesterday was a bad day. I want to wish Abby-Dearest a very happy belated birthday. We love you, sis!


Abby said...

The roof of your mouth thing is gangster, O said. Then I told him I've done the same thing..just not on the roof of my mouth. It happens..but I also haven't had one of those bubbles in years. Not that I'm condoning what I did or anything. It helped at the time is all.

As I was reading about the house having 6 bedrooms I was all "rent out a couple of the rooms!" but then I kept reading and saw you already thought of that teehee. It sure would be nice to have SPACE, huh?

And awwww thanks for the birthday wishes. Ya'll are sweet!

Jenna Consolo said...

Micah! That tooth story is awful. I've had so much pain with my teeth too. But PLEASE find a way to get it fixed. We make very small payments to the dentist in order to keep up with everything, but dental health is related to heart health, so take it seriously.

The house thing scares me, not to be a downer. It would be hard to share your home with other people, and you would ultimately be responsible for the payment. That sounds like a HUGE house, and it wouldn't just be the rent, but the utilities are higher for a big house too. I've over-housed myself before and been very, very sorry in the end. Just my two cents. I know the feeling of wanting it so bad though, so good luck with whatever you choose, but you'll get out of debt faster and move up in the world faster if you keep your expenses low.

nvansciver said...

Wow, i hate cavities! That is the worst part ofbeing a van sciver! I'll bet that listerine stung!
You should try to get that house. Maybe, jonah will move in...Maybe not though, I don't know.