Thursday, March 26, 2009

Can you even wait?!?

I am DEFINATELY taking the babies to see this.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Oh crap.

Just when I thought we were done with winter.....

Here comes the motherload. At least 15 inches expected.

I'm bored.

Home from work again and watching a lot of Youtube. Let me bother you all again with some more of my favorites.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still out of action

Sorry I haven't been around as much as I'd like, but I am having real trouble with my mouth. I got two more teeth pulled, and it was miserable. It wouldn't be so bad if they were "teeth" instead of shards that have been shifting around under my gums. None of these "teeth" have come out easy. These ones required stitches. I still have to have 4 or 5 more pulled. I am going to have no teeth left. But the dentist has a plan for me so whatever. I can barely focus on the computer screen right now from the throbbing going on in my face. What's worse is another of my bad "teeth" has become absesce today. I am still not healed from my first dentist appointment either. Dr. Smart (my dentist) says it's because they had to remove bone from my jaw and that takes longer to heal. Plus there are still root tips embedded into the sawed-down jawbone. I can't even tell you the pain I'm in. I originally wanted to just knock it out quick, but I'm gonna take it easy for a little and really heal what's been done so far before I do my next visit. It's causing me too many problems and I have missed too much work. Oh yeah, and when I got my fillings done, the dental assistant couldn't get the proper bite for one of my teeth, so now my bite is off and it hurts to close my mouth because one tooth feels much taller than the rest. I need to get that fixed somehow.

I will try to keep up with everyone as best as I can. Sorry I'm a big whiner.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just got back from the dentist and I am in some serious pain. The tooth they took out couldn't be fully removed. The root tips are curled up into my jawbone. My dentist took some bone off to try to get as much as she could and then said "Not even an oral surgeon would go after the rest of that." I got four fillings also. The cavities were pretty deep so it made for an even more miserable time. I asked for the metal fillings, but they gave me the plastic ones. I also got some periodontic work done on the bottom right quadrant of my mouth. They cleaned it up pretty good. You never really know how bad your mouth situation is until you have a dentist prodding around in there. So, I am in some major pain, waiting for this Vicodin to kick in and it is off to bed for me. One quadrant done, $800 down. Three more to go. I haven't even got the major stuff done yet and I already wanna quit. The dentist assured me that the worst of it was over, judging by the x-rays. I hope that's true. This is going to be a heck of a process

Friday, March 13, 2009


I just wanted to tell everyone how scared I am of tomorrow. It is part one of what is destined to be a LONG series of terrible dentist visits. Tomorrow I begin with the biggest trouble tooth. It is a molar on the bottom that no longer really exists. Just a few roots poking through the gums. They have to cut the gums open, drill through the center to crack it into three and then pull each root out one-by-one. Then they get to stitch the gums back up. I am also getting four fillings. I am not excited at all. I'll be happy when it's all finished but as of now....I'm terrified. I'll update you all tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Two weeks

Two weeks down. Sober and smoke free. I really think I can kick this thing. It's definately not easy though. We move forward.

Anyway, I start doing my teeth work in about a week and a half. I am very excited. I hate my teeth. At least my molars and wisdom teeth. I can't wait to have some pearly whites. I'm not looking forward to the pain though.

Kaiti and I have a tasting party to go to on Saturday at Mt Vernon so we can choose what food we will have at our wedding. It's also a cake tasting, but Hannah is doing the cake, so we'll just amuse them and eat it anyway. I'm very excited for the wedding. I can't wait to see Kaiti in her dress. She is such a knockout. I think since I have started taking myself seriously, I have fallen so much further in love with her because of what I've put her through. She has always been there for me and she is very strong. She's my absolute best friend.

Mom and David get here tomorrow. That will be a nice treat. I haven't seen them in what seems like forever and I can't wait. Maybe they can attend the tasting party.

Jonahs birthday is Thursday. The baby is getting so old. He has grown up alot. If you compared him to how he was a couple of years ago it's like night and day. He's very in love too.

Our lease runs up on March 31st. We know that we want something bigger so the kids can have some space, but we have been kicking around this idea of moving to Georgia next year so we can be closer to Kaitis dad and stepmom. I miss the eastcoast and the ocean and yes, Jersey. This way I'd be closer to the ocean as well. Nothing against you, Momma, I know there's ocean there too, but I am terrified of earthquakes (and traffic). Anyway, back to my point. We don't know if we should just stick it out here and re-sign for one more year or if we should start over in a new place just to move again in a year. Personally, I think if we could just keep this place clean then it's plenty big for the time being. It's a bit crowded, but we would have to pay around $200 more per month for a 3 bedroom. I am sickened by our carpet here also. It literally makes me nauseous walking on it barefoot. It's way past cleaning. I have to go talk to the office about it. I think if they will replace our carpet, then we should stay and save up. Also, they are offering a cruise for two on Carnival if you re-sign a year lease. That would be great. Just as long as we don't end up in the middle of the ocean like those poor football players.
What would y'all do? Stay? Move?

So, I watch alot of YouTube. It's probably my favorite website besides ESPN. I love watching funny videos and music videos especially. There's a few that I really like right now and I decided to share them with you.


I wasn't a big fan of the song on the radio, but when I saw the video, I was amazed. It's very clever. A couple dies in a car accident and relives their relationship from start to finish. I just like it.


I really love the visualization in this. And that line: "I was born to tell you I love you". That's how I feel about Kaiti.


It's a cool video. Plus, on some show I was watching, the band was talking about the video and they said something that has stuck with me for some reason. They said the main message is- "If you were to die today- what would that mean?" If you think about it, it's pretty deep and it makes me want to live and be a better person.

Anyway, I have to go clean the house. Then I have to go serve 75 seniors who are having a retirement party. Who retires anymore anyway?