Monday, November 10, 2008

Happy birthday, sweetheart!

It's hard to believe that my baby is 3 years old already. Time has just flown by. Soon, she'll be in school and then dating and before you know it I'll be crying my eyes out as I give her away at her wedding. But she won't be dating until she's 25 or so, so I guess I still have time. We had her birthday party at great grandmas. She had a princess cake and got lots of presents. She got new skates, a stroller with a baby, movies, and a bunch of other stuff. We ate Little Ceasars pizza and drank Big K soda because it's cheap, but delicious.

Kenzee isn't taking being 3 too well because we made a deal that when she turned 3 she had to get rid of her "Elmo cups". Her Elmo cups are sippy cups. It's time to move on to big girl cups. She doesn't eat very much of her meals because she always has that cup attached to her face. She was OK with it yesterday, but today she's confused. I guess she thought she was only 3 yesterday. Time to grow up little one.

After reading the Nielsens blog and following the links on Abby's post about the Nielsens, we had an idea to do a balloon launch of our own. McKenzee's great uncle and good friend, James, died on her birthday two years ago. So, after her party, we wrote notes on little pieces of paper and sent them to the heavens for James and his sister Kelly. We miss you guys!!!

Kenzee's great uncle James and great Aunt Kelly. This is a pointalism picture I drew for Great Grandma Mary after James died. Kelly had died a year earlier.

And to think they used to be babies. (Calix and McKenzee)


Abby said...

Happy birthday, Kenzee!! This is just the week of birthdays in our family, huh? Yesterday was Kenzee, tomorrow David and Wednesday me! Yay for birthdays!

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun and yeah, I've been thinking of adopting the balloon launch idea too. Those Nielsens...all creative and what not!

YogaNana said...

Happy Birthday to Mckenzee indeed! Looks like a good time was had by all.

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday, Mckenzee!

We found that going from sippy cups to a regular cup and a straw helped the transition go a little more smoothly. Maybe give that a try.

Hannah said...

It looks like she had a wonderful birthday. I really hate that we live so far away. I'd love to be a bigger part of your kids' lives.

Jenna Consolo said...

Great idea, Micah! I'm glad you've been reading Steph's blog too. She's amazing. That whole family.

Happy Birthday to sweet Kenzee! Time flies!

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