Saturday, February 21, 2009

Wedding present?

Well, I went to the dentist today and got the rundown. I guess after insurance and everything it is going to cost me $4855. On one hand that's a lot, but on the other hand I was really expecting it to be more like $20,000. My friend had his teeth all fixed and it cost him $14,000 and I know a guy who paid almost $30,000. So, all of my fronts are just fine (6 on top, 12 on bottom), but all of my wisdom teeth have to go. There are about 4 other teeth that need to go. Luckily on three sides I have enough teeth left or savable that she can bridge my top right, but I will need an implant on the top left to bridge that side. No big deal. My first real appointment is on Monday but I'm probably going to have to miss it because without CareCredit I have to pay the cost upfront. How is it that I can go to the hospital and get major surgery or whatever and they can just bill me, but when it comes to dental it's PAY NOW. It's stupid. More people would get their teeth fixed if they could just make payments. It's frustrating. I have my mind set on getting better. I still haven't smoked or drank and I am feeling SO good and positive. I have lost almost 10 pounds this week. I drink homemade fruit smoothies for breakfast and lunch (they are SO good and filling) and I have a good dinner. I have been working out like crazy even making a workout journal to keep track of my non-Wii progress and my diet and I am even enrolling in The University of Phoenix to take online classes in either IT Networking OR Human Services. Things are going great. All I need is a co-signer. No money or anything. Just a co-signer to help me get CareCredit. They say it will come down to $116/ month payments for everything to get done. If anyone could help that would be the greatest gift of all.


Abby said...

Micah, stay away from U of P. Orion just disenrolled and he would strongly advise you against going there. If you want stories..give him a call. We care about you too much to let you go through all of that work and not have it mean anything job-wise in the end.

As for dental.. I'm trying to hold off until next tax return, if possible..while we save up as much as we can in the meantime. Get it all paid right away..because I don't want to walk around with even less teeth in my mouth while I come up with more money for the other sections of work. I'm a girl and I care about these sorts of things. I wish I could co-sign for you..but you know how I'm sitting credit-wise after being charged $103,000 for Calix's birth and 2 1/2 week hospital stay in the NICU. That's really the only thing on my credit report (cards were paid back long ago and we don't have any credit cards these days anyway)..but it's a big one. Orion is less than $1,000 away from being totally out of debt..but his score still sucks in the meantime (and for many years to come). Sorry we couldn't help ya out there, though.

Hopefully someone else can be swell enough to lend a brotha a signature and some faith.

Love you!

Hannah said...

I'm pretty sure my credit is destroyed at the moment or else I'd offer to cosign.