Monday, February 2, 2009

Guess who's getting married?

Ok, Ok... I have been very lazy with this computer thing lately. I just can't muster up the energy to go type. So much has been going on though so it's time for an update.

Kaiti and I consider ourselves "married". We have for a couple of years now. But these dull, scratched sterling silver bands just aren't enough. I really wanted Kaiti to know just how much I love her and so I maxed out a credit card or two at a jewelry store that was going out of business. 70% OFF!!!! I just had to.

We went to the mall to go look at dogs (because one day, I hope to own a baby English Bulldog). Sure it won't be anytime soon, but I love to imagine having my puppy to rassle with and to plop down with us when we watch a movie. The pet store reportedly had a baby girl bulldog and I wanted to go say hi. She was cute, but sick. She was shaking and her eyes were in the back of her head. Plus her price tag was $2600. That's a bit much. But it was fun to hang out with her. Then we took Kenzee to get her ears pierced because she has wanted pink diamond earrings for a long time. She says it would make her look "purfact". It broke my heart when they pierced them because she was clearly in alot of pain. But she got her pink "diamonds" and she loves them now that they don't hurt.

So off we went through the foodcourt and we ran into a blowout sale at a jeweler and Kaiti wanted to just look. I knew that deep down she really wanted a real ring. I've wanted to get her one for a long time but just couldn't afford it. "Nothing too fancy", she said. "Just one diamond on a skinny band". She liked the princess cut diamonds because the settings didn't stand too high off of the band. She had one picked out until she saw the price tag. She then moved down to the small diamonds and started to try them on. We left after a little bit and continued to cruise the mall. I made a quick dash to the jeweler as the girls shopped for girls stuff. I told the lady I wanted to get the ring but I wanted it to be a surprise. She seemed like she understood and was going to help me out with the surprise at first. As I planned out how to pay for the ring, Kaiti found me back at the jeweler. The jeweler lady very rudely told her to leave. "You can leave right now!", she said. But that tipped Kaiti off to my surprise. I paid for the ring but needed it to be sized from a 5 to a 6 1/4. The lady said it would only take an hour or so.

So, I caught up with Kaiti and she was convinced that I had the ring on me. I didn't and I kept telling her that I put a deposit down on it and would have to make payments. She searched me up and down and found no ring. Good. My plan was working.

Then disaster. The jeweler lady tracked Kaiti and I down in the mall and says, "Your ring will be ready in ten minutes."


So whatever. I go to pick up the ring, Kaiti knows I have it. Should I just give it to her? Nah. Let's make her wait it out. Kaiti doesn't like to be surprised. She peeks at all her presents at Christmas time and everything. She just can't stand the anticipation of wondering what something could be.

We had plans that night to go to a bar called Baker Street Pub. It's a nice place located in Belmar. They had a live band playing that night called "Kelli Said". Kaiti thought I had the ring on me and that I would propose to her that night but that's no fun if you already expect it. So, I had to come up with something. I gave the ring to her brother and as we left the house and were on our way, I said,"Crap, I left the ring at home. Let's turn around." She was a little upset but replied,"Don't worry about it. We'll do it tommorrow or something."

I pleaded with her to turn around but we were already close to the bar and she just didn't want to go through the trouble. She was convinced there was no ring. Good.

We walk into the bar and to my surprise, there is like 300 people there watching this band. Super. My brother in law,Zach, and his friend walked up to the band during their break and explain the situation. Very low key. Kaiti and I are enjoying a beverage and dancing a little with the rest of our friends. Zach pulls me aside and says they are cool with me proposing onstage right before their next set. So, we need to make our way towards the stage. Kaiti asks whats going on and why are we going up to the stage.

We tell her some silly story about how we're all going to go up onstage and sing Journey's "Don't Stop Believing". She loves the idea. She sang it at a bar with her sister a few nights before this and it's her new favorite song. We waited anxiously (me mostly). Finally the guitar player comes up to the mic.

"Before we continue, someone has something to announce. Micah, come on up here", he says.

Kaiti starts to come up with me and I tell her to hold on. "You'll be up here in a minute." She is so confused.

I look out on the crowd and I have never been so nervous in my life. I went blank. The whole night I knew exactly what I was going to say. Then I get up there and it's like...uhhh...uhh....

300 strangers staring up at me.

But I managed to get off a few things. I even quoted the movie Max Payne that I had watched the night before. "I don't know about heaven, but I DO believe in angels."

Corny. But c'mon. I got down on one knee and called her up onstage and she said "Yes." I went to put the ring on and it didn't fit. "Seriously?". It was too small by a large margin. But we kissed and laughed and she was mad because she was totally surprised. The audience clapped and whistled and we went on to have a great night.

As for the ring, turns out the lady at the jewelry store never actually sized it. She just wanted to make the sale. I raised hell and they gave me a lifetime warranty on the ring that would've cost me $120 that I didn't have at the time I purchased it. We got it sized and it looks beautiful.

Yay!!! We are planning on getting married this fall and I was hoping everyone would come. Maybe it could be our next family reunion?

Anyway, things are still tough around here but they are getting better. I am very optomistic about the days to come. I am drinking less and I am focusing on getting in better shape. Kaiti bought me a Wii the other day. It was my Christmas present from her since we couldn't get each other a present at the time. She also got me the Wii Fit that Abby seems to love so much. It's pretty fun but it's mostly convenient. Sure you can't lift weights with it, but it has alot of fun stuff and it definately wears you out. It has a journal that keeps track of your fitness goals and what you've achieved so far. The balance board that it comes with is also a scale so it keeps you up to date on your weight loss as well. All in all I really love it.

The sad thing is they have a formula that tells you your "Fitness Age", and I have a 39 year olds fitness level. I'm not sure what that means, because I know alot of 40 year olds who are in great shape. Kaiti however is 42 years old. (HaHa!!).
My workout begins today. I was supposed to be up at 7 to start and Kaiti kept trying to wake me up, but the Super Bowl was last night and I partook in a beer or two and I just couldn't do it. But I'm up and as soon as I'm done with this, I will begin.

It's very serious that i focus and do this EVERYDAY. I had my blood pressure taken at the WalMart on one of those do it yourself ones and it read 167/100. However, I think the thing was busted. I know I have high blood pressure but it's never come close to that. As I sat there waiting for the reading, the thing just kept inflating. It wouldn't stop. It hurt very bad, unlike anytime I ever did it before. I wiggled a bit and almost hit the stop button because I thought it was going to make my arm pop.

I'm still young though and I can right this ship. I've been doing alot better.

Oh yeah, just a quick note for anyone who cares, (Mom, you'll love this:)...

Willows mom, Nicole, is pregnant. AND, she is having trouble in her relationship. AND she is trying her darndest to come back to Colorado. Oh man. Life's a bitch ain't it?

Alright y'all, off to work out.


Abby said...

WOOO!!!!!!!! Congrats, guys! I was all teary while reading it because I'm a girl and a sucker for sappy stuff. We'll for sure try our best to get out there for you guys. Precious!

Dude..give it a couple of days of playing with the fit. My butt and thighs and hips are totally sore today and I've already gone down an entire BMI It's fun and it makes you feel like you're just playing games when they're actually working you. There's some stuff for upper body too..but real weights to lift. I've busted out 734 in the hula hoop game so far. Orion gets all amazed like "how do you DO that?!?!" fun!

I can't wait to call O and tell him about you guys getting married! Yay! Give Kaiti a big hug for me, will ya?

YogaNana said...


And congratulations all over the place!

Just keep working out and all the good things you're doing for yourself, Micah. I always used the blood pressure thingy at King Sooper and it's accurate.

Gee, what a shame it would be if Nicole had to bring Willow back to Colorado ... heh heh heh!

Hannah said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's wonderful news!
Can I maybe make your cake?

Alright now seriously. I am so jealous of you guys and your wii's. I want one sooo badly!!!

Jenna Consolo said...

You're such a romantic, Micah. I love it. Congratulations! You could always get married at the beach here in CA!?

Oh, and NEVER buy a pet from a pet store. Never.