Tuesday, February 10, 2009


This working out thing was going pretty good until my weigh in yesterday. I had been going to the gym and working out at home and eating less and better and not drinking. I stepped on the scale and after that whole week, I had only lost .2 pounds. Ugh. I started at 187 and Kaiti said I should go down 15 pounds. But the more I think about it, I'd like to get closer to 200. But muscle. Not this belly. I think if I lost 15 pounds, I'd be scrawny and weak. I don't want that. I want to be diesel. I was doing my pushups on the Wii and I remembered how Josiah used to drop down at any given time and ask us "How many pushups should I do?". In any case, I need to lose this stomach, and work out my arms and chest until I can't take the pain anymore.

In other news, Kaiti and I went to our first prospective wedding site. It is a little chapel up on a hill called Three Trees Chapel. It was very cute and it had a nice view out the windows, but the reception hall downstairs was way too small. It was also pretty pricey. So, we keep looking.

As for the wedding, Kaiti and I have been fighting about a few things. She is a Catholic and I am not. Her religion says she can't wear a white wedding dress because she isn't a virgin. That kinda pisses me off. I have been envisioning her walking down the aisle in a stunning white dress with a long train and vail. She says she will wear ivory instead. That's like grayish isn't it? It drives me crazy. Doesn't the song go "Here comes the bride, all dressed in WHITE?" We'd have to change it to OFF-White. It's not the same. Then she thinks the guys should wear sneakers. What kind of wedding are you planning on, babe? That's something you do to be cool at your high school prom, not your wedding. Also, she is determined to have a stripper at her bachelorette party and I really feel strongly against that. I don't feel there is any place for that. It's nasty and if you feel like you need someone else rubbing there privates on you then you have no need to get married. I would never disrespect her that way.

I also feel like I'm the only one who's planning the wedding. I'm online constantly looking at wedding sites and reception sites. We don't even know our budget because she won't ask. There is no sense of urgency on her part and it hurts my feelings. It's like it doesn't even matter. Usually it's the girl who is all into it and excited but not in our case.

I have alot to think about. But for now, it's off to the Wii.


Abby said...

Off white or even cream isn't grey, no. It's what I'd wear if (when) we have a big ceremony and not because I'm no virgin. It can be very classy..so don't even worry about that. It's not such a huge difference that you'd really be able to tell anyway, ya know? It just won't be bright white, is all.

I agree with the stripper thing. I think it's disrespectful to the other person (unless they honestly have no problem with it). But obviously it's something you guys need to discuss (without shouting)..and talk about how it makes you feel, ya know? It's like..wouldn't she be upset if you had strippers at your bachelor party? I would be if Orion did. He wouldn't do that, though. Guys from work have invited him out with them many times and he's just like "nah..I couldn't do that to my wife" and yeah..they give him crap for it..but whatever. He wouldn't want crotches up in my face and I sure as heck don't want other females up on him at all. I will fight them. We all tend to be a little jealous though, Micah. We want what's ours to be ours and no one else is allowed to look at them haha.

And dude..with working out..I'm feeling the same way. I work my butt off every day and eat less (I'm actually writing down everything I'm eating and the calories of however much and keeping track of that) and I even eat healthier (most of the time..because this girl does still love fries but I'm only eating 1 serving (12 fries) and taking the hits on the calories with that, too) and while I can tell..and Orion can tell I'm trimming down..the scale has barely budged. So that's frustrating. I mean.. I can see huge improvements on Orion..like his belly is totally disappearing..but he's mostly at the same weight, too. So..I don't know. He's the same way you are, though..about how he wants to be built. He wants to be the weight he is now..but in muscle. He says he wants to be built like a bulldog hahah..aww. I feel like we'll all be seeing our numbers go down soon..it's just when we hop on to do the Wii thing..it weighs us everyday. I like to weigh myself once a week when I work out so I see bigger jumps..but there's no way around it on the Wii. Either way, I'm too sweaty on the daily to NOT see results. I know they'll be here soon. But I also know I have a ton of weight to drop (and I totally wanna be thinned out by your wedding..so that's a goal of mine) and it doesn't happen overnight.

I blabber on.

Hannah said...

Totally agree with Abby. Cream is a beautiful wedding dress color and so many brides wear it that I highly doubt you'll look at her and say "She just doesn't look right." More than likely you won't even notice.

If I were you though, I'd take a step back and talk about the wedding. Maybe it's going too fast for her (yeah I know). Ask her what it is that she wants. If she really could care less about a big traditional wedding and you could, then you might have to do most of the planning.

Weddings can be so stressful. It's one of the reasons we ended up getting married at the J.O.P.