Friday, February 20, 2009

Now what

Guess whos teeth are acting up now? Kaiti's. It wasn't enough that I have been up for the past three nights moaning and groaning, now Kaiti is in major pain. I gave her a Vicodin but it didn't help much. I got up early this morning, put the kids in the car and headed out to Comfort Dental again. My mouth was on fire because I couldn't take a pain killer before we left because I would've crashed the car. Painkillers and me, we're friends and all, but we don't do too much besides sleep. So we get there and I'm corralling the kids while Kaiti is being attended to. Now, I thought I hated the dentist. Kaiti HATES the dentist. I don't mind the extractions and drills and things like that, but keep that little scraper away from me. Stop puncturing me teeth and ripping up my gums. So, they gave Kaiti the option of a root canal for $1200 or an extraction for $125. She decided on the extraction after we both failed the application for CareCredit. She started to have an anxiety attack and the dentist turned into a real "donkey". He tried to just ram the needle into her mouth and she was like, "hold up!". He was rude, gave her a referral and a prescription and then mocked her for not being able to pay for the root canal. We left and will never go back to that office. I had a different experience at another Comfort Dental that was very pleasant and the dentist and assistants really seemed to care and were sensitive to my needs. I would have taken her there but the insurance that I just got wasn't good there and I was going to have to find another office anyway. Long story short: I came home, ditched my current insurance and signed us both up for Careington Dental which is accepted by the Comfort Dental I originally went to. I have to get an extraction tomorrow as long as this swelling is gone by then and we will set Kaiti up for a root canal that will cost her $221 under this insurance. Oh, and I have to miss work again. These next two weeks are going to be exciting.


Abby said...

Yeah, Micah.. I hear ya on that. I need a little over 10 grand worth of work done before we talk about braces (invisalign) and I didn't get approved for care credit, either. We have awesome dental coverage..and the 10 grand is what our cost is. It's like a total of 18 grand really..but Tricare covers a huge chunk. SO! Annoying, isn't it? Ugh.

I can't *stand* rude dentists. This one straight up told me there's no way I brush my teeth twice a day and Orion was all "uh, yeah she does"'s like..who in the crap do you think you are?? Ugh. I love dentists in general..I just get embarrassed by the shape my mouth is in and when I get a rude makes me cry. Literally. I'll bust out some tears in front of a rude dentist to make him feel bad. No doubt.

Hope you guys get to feelin better most ricky-tick!

Jenna Consolo said...

What a nightmare. I hope it all gets fixed soon. Tooth pain is maddening. I feel for both of you.

Hannah said...

I cannot believe the cost of dental work. It's just outrageous. We are very blessed with Mike's insurance. Most things are completely covered but the few things that aren't we have to pay 10%.

I hope it all works out