Monday, September 8, 2008


Well, it's been almost a week, and I'm proud to announce I am still sober. Not even a taste. I don't care about that crap anymore. I'm still trying to pay rent this month. I wrote a check on Friday (Sept. 5th) at midnight, which is the deadline, and hopefully it doesn't go through until tommorrow. After that, it'll be smooth sailing for a couple weeks. I have all my bills stacked up, and I'm just gonna do my best to knock as many out per month as I can. I've been exercising alot too. I haven't gotten to the gym yet, but I have been making use of my boxing bag, weight bars, and Ab-Lounge XL. I'm detoxing right now, taking detox pills and fiber pills. Lots of water, etc. So far, so good. I really believe I'm done with the alchohol thing though. Thats not to say I will never have a drink again, but only when the time is right and nothing excessive.

In other news, Kaiti and I went looking for wedding bands and we got them picked out. Nothing too crazy though. It'll be awhile before I buy them because I still haven't properly popped the question. We clipped coupons yesterday and ended up with a huge stack of them. However, most of them are things that we never buy. So, does that really help, or does it just make us spend more money on things we don't really need ON TOP of what we do? I'm not sure.

Kaiti is doing great in school. She is the top student in her class and has only gotten three questions wrong, TOTAL. That's after 4 tests and multiple quizzes. Her school is crazy. They have to remember SO MUCH. I'd fail out. But Kaiti has been making me so happy. It's cute when I quiz her and she says big words, or has to tell me some long, complex definition of something and totally nails it. She was so worried about being able to remember things because of her head injury, but she is proof that you can do anything, if you put your mind to it. So, good job, baby.

Our car is still working. I just have this fear that it will die on me just because of my luck and I'll be trapped for four years with no car but still paying it off. I'll just cross my fingers.

Ummmm, what else? Football started yesterday, and the Colts got worked over by the stupid Bears. That hurt my feelings. I had to serve Bears fans all night too and I was wearing my Colts jersey. They heckled me pretty good. But, I one-upped them when I reminded them how the Colts beat the Bears to win the Super Bowl 2 years ago. That seemed to shut them up. Broncos play tonight. Who cares.

I don't know about anywhere else, but fall is in the air here. It's my absolute favorite time of the year. The trees are turning and it's wet and cold and dreary. It's still pretty dark for 10am, and I want nothing more than to lay in bed with a window open, smelling the brisk mountain air, covered in a blanket watching a rental movie or something and taking lots of short naps. But, I have kids. And they demand attention. I wish I could just set out a bowl of chips or something and get on with my day, but that doesn't work, and a friend said there probably was a law against that. I shoulda got a puppy. Speaking of puppies, I found a dog that was perfect for me. Well, I thought he was until I saw how big he would get. He was a baby Bernese Mountain dog. He was like a little black bear. Big ol' paws and those cute brown eyebrows that rottweilers have. I think if we do ever get a dog, it will have to be one that stays small. Kaitis sisters dog stayed here for like three weeks and it's a boxer, and he drove me freakin nuts.

As for today, it's my day off, before 4 straight closes (3-2am). I'm gonna try to go get a payday loan to cover the rest of my rent, and maybe even get some groceries. Then I'm gonna clean this house/pit. I clean everyday. EVERY SINGLE DAY. It just doesn't matter. It makes me think of that decoration in our kitchen in Mom's old townhouse on Teller. It said, "Cleaning your house while your children are growing, is like shoveling snow while it's still snowing." Man that's true.
After that....FOOTBALL!!!!!! Well at least until Kaiti scowls me and makes me feel bad about myself for watching football instead of spending quality time with her or something. That's ok. She's more important than the Broncos. Now the Colts....... Just kidding. Off to have my day. I'll talk to you all soon.


Hannah said...

I'm reminded of Mom's wall decoration a LOT! It's so true!

Also for the coupons. Big tip here. Buy more than 1 sunday paper each week. Don't use the coupons just because you have them. Organize them into a coupon wallet or a binder filled with trading card insert pages. When an item goes on sale for at least 50% off the regular price, then you can use your coupon on top of that. Also, be open to trying different brands. Just because you've only ever eaten oscar mayer bacon, don't turn down buying Hormel when it's $1 per package. Ya know what I mean?

YogaNana said...

Hannah is the Queen of Couponing -- heed her words. :o)

Sounds like things are going well there. Tell Kaiti we're proud of her! And we're proud of you, too!

Autumn, as always, sounds delicious. Mmmmm!

Abby said...

The seasons changing thing has me all messed up here haha. I feel like it *should* be starting to get a little cooler outside but when I check the weather, it says 82 and sunny all week. Can a girl get a LITTLE chill, please? Golly!