Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun with the family

Things are getting a little better than they were in my last post, but I'm still climbing up that hill. A friend of mine at the restaurant gave me $200 to help out, and another of my customers gave me a $110 tip on a $50 tab. So, that takes care of Xcel, plus the rest of the money I made that night will pay the car payment. Also, I won fantasy baseball this year so I will get another $200 this week. That will take care of the car insurance and the interest on the moneytree loan. Now I have to figure out a way to make rent in 4 days. It probably won't happen, but I am gonna do my bestest.

Anyway, as Peter Gabriel said: " I get so tired, working so hard for our survival- But I look to these times with you, to keep me awake and alive." So, Kaiti and I took our babies to a place called Mr Biggs. It's like a giant funplex for kids. We had old credits that we hadn't spent from a previous visit left over so we decided to use them up. The babies love it there. There's a huge ball pit/ playground that is lots of fun. There's also a pretend city there that has all kinds of little houses and stores to go in and play. There's a dress-up place, a jail, a kitchen, a huge sandpit, etc. So that was our day yesterday. It was lots of fun.

Today Kaiti and I, Ok- Kaiti- cleaned out the kids room and we donated a large chunk of there stuff to Goodwill. They have too much stuff and it's really in the way. Plus with Christmas around the corner and birthdays, they can reload, and we will actually have a place to put things. She had a great time cleaning all morning, I'm sure. I was too busy watching football. I'm terrible like that, but it's really all I ask for is that 1 day a week, I get to do nothing.

As for Kaiti and I, we are doing GREAT! Everything is like it was when we first met. There's a little spark there again and we have been treating each other good and following through on our promises to each other. I am so happy that things are changing because we really are a great couple and we complement each other. She is my very best friend and I am so happy right now. Hopefully things never change and then I can dump all my other girlfriends and just keep her. Just kidding. But if she's lucky, she may get a proper proposal here soon. Then we could have a big ol' wedding and everything. Oh man- I'm in love.

Here's some pics to show you-

This is Mad-Dog playing in the pretend prison.

Kenzee was getting dressed up and he was checking himself out

I'm not sure what kind of dress this is, but that's what she wanted to put on.

Kenzee, Mari and Momma taking a stroll at Washington park.

Madden playing in the ball pit.

And this ones for you Momma- Kenzee mid ballerina spin in her fairy skirt. She loves it.
Ok- back to football- I'll talk to you soon.


Hannah said...

Bella got one of those fairy skirts too and she just adores it too.

So glad to hear that things are working themselves out. And seriously, your kids are beyond gorgeous!!! Maybe they could make you some money!! Hahahaha.

Jenna Consolo said...

See how God provides? Things do work out. Keep doing your best, Micah. Somebody's got His eye on you. Glad this was a happier post.