Thursday, June 5, 2008

Oh boy. I love the ER

It's always fun waking up early in the morning to a very large CRASH!! coming from the childrens room. It's nerveracking because your mind races a million miles an hour like, "What could that have been!!?!!" So, we jumped out of bed and wiped the crusties from our eyes and ran into their room.

It was one of two things, I knew, for sure. Madden has been getting good at partially climbing out of his crib (which I've been meaning to lower) and I was afraid he had fallen out. OR, my sweet little Kenzee loves to pull the drawers out of her dresser so she can stand on them to reach the little TV that sits on top of it. I wanted to put those safety things into the dresser that don't allow kids to open them but they split the wood. So we repeatedly say "NO, Kenzee. That's DANGER. "
Anyway, when we got into the room, Madden was just fine, holding his bottle and looking down at his sister who was being trapped by the dresser. I quickly pulled the dresser off of her feet and tended to her. One foot was bleeding and the other was a dark purple color covering the top of her foot by her toes.

Every parent in this situation enters a frantic mode, like, "What to do, what to do?". You want to yell at them, but they are already screaming their heads off and know that they made a mistake. So, you just hold them and inspect the wound and calmly explain to them what happened and how it happened and try to calm them down.

Thankfully she was still alive. That was what really mattered. It could have been ALOT worse and she is a lucky little girl that she didn't have to find that out. The dresser is about 4 1/2 feet tall and pretty heavy, and the TV could have come crashing down on her little head causing some very real damage.

We packed her and Madden up and rushed them to the ER. Just a sidepoint: NO MATTER WHAT IS WRONG, WHETHER IT BE A BUMP OR A BREAK, YOU WILL BE THERE FOR AT LEAST, I MEAN AT LEAST, TWO TO THREE HOURS. She had X-Rays taken and all that stuff, and it turns out it's just badly bruised and her other foot wasn't going to need stitches (although the bill will most definately top the $500 mark). They cleaned her up and put a band-aid on her foot and eventually sent us on our way.

Thank God for that.

SO, while they are gone, dresser situation will be modified and TV will be put up on a tv stand on the wall, out of reach.

This is how I wanted to spend my morning, I swear.


Sarah said...

Aww! :( Poor little Kenzee! We heard the same crash a while back from our boys room. Not early in the morning fortunately, but a loud crash from the kids room is never good no matter what time of day it is. I think one of them got smacked in the shoulder with the tv as it came toppling over, but nothing serious. Thank goodness!
So glad to hear that everything checked out ok!

YogaNana said...

Ohmygods, I'm so glad she's okay! I once knew of a child who was killed doing the same thing. Hard to stop them from doing that, though. At least getting the tv out of range will be a help.

And yeah, I'm working on your project. :o)

Jenna Consolo said...

Yikes! Glad she is okay. We had a scary situation with Conor on Sunday when he had one of his allergic reactions to some walnuts that found their way into the house. ALMOST used the Epi-Pen, but the ER was thankfully avoided. I'm getting good at this. 4 kids and 14 years and only 2 trips to the ER. Same kid. (Aiden)

Abby said...

I've spent more time in the ER than I like admitting..but with one parent and scary stuff's better safe than sorry. I'm just glad we never get screwed with the huge bills (which is why I take them if I'm in doubt). I'm so glad she's okay! Don't they sell hardware that can be put on the back of the dresser to secure it to the wall? If it won't strip the should give that a shot.

Hannah said...

Holy cow! How scary!

It's so hard to keep a cool head in those situations. I always panic first. I'm getting better though.

So glad she's alright.

Jenna Consolo said...

Micah! Happy Father's Day! I loved seeing you as a daddy at the reunion and I think you're doing a great job! I hope you felt loved and honored today! Love you!