Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Madame Lou Bunch

So, last weekend I went to Central City to work a beer tent for their annual "Madame Lou Bunch Day". It was pretty fun but I felt like I was in the backwoods. For everyone that doesn't know, Central City is a small town up in the mountains where all the casinos are. It missed being Colorados capitol by 1 vote. Thank goodness for that. The whole city is so old that if you were to see cowboys having a shootout in the street you wouldn't think anything was out of the ordinary. It's a pretty cool place though. All of the buildings are OLD, OLD, OLD. Anyway, Madame Loue Bunch is a historical figure for some reason, I'm not really sure why, so they hold an annual celebration where everyone dresses up as cowboys and mineworkers and prostitutes. It's very odd. They have bed races, which are pretty funny, and lots of stage performances. I was working the beer tent with my friends from Old Chicago, Holly and Chandra. I was hoping to make some money, but that didn't really happen. So, I partook in some free beer to make the day and the experience worth my time. Needless to say, I got a bit drunk and fell asleep at 5 o'clock, not to awake until the next day. Here's some pics:
Picture didn't turn out too well, but here's my next car. Just kidding. Mr. Bean.

Some of the "ladies" standing in front of the bed used for the bed races.

Break time.

My new best friend. Kinda the silent type though.

Oh man. These ladies stripped at the end of their performance. BARTENDER!!!

The Devil went down to Georgia, Hey so did my family!

How sweet.

This kid was so cute.

Partaking in a local beer, brewed by the mayor himself.

My tent. We also sold pink boas, tiaras and sherriff badges for the kiddos.
Anyway, all in all it was a fun day. I think Kaiti and the babies would enjoy it so we'll probably go up their next year.
As for my time alone, it kinda sucks. I miss my babies and my wife VERY much. I never feel like I get to talk to them enough and I am very lonely. I could go out with my friends but all they do is drink so I'd rather not. I'm trying to get this house clean and the bills paid so when they get back they'll have something nice and stress free to come home to.
They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and that is so true. I can't wait to squeeze my babies and give Kaiti a big ol kiss.
But for now, I'll just have to wait. I'm sure time will go by faster after this week, knowing that there's only one more to go.
Anyways, back to work for me. I owe, I owe, it's off to work i go.

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Abby said...

I'd never heard of that going on..but looks like a good time!