Thursday, June 19, 2008

Favorite movies

This may be a short post, but it's something that means alot to me. Movies. Or should I just say, "Movie". Everyone has their favorite movie. Alot of people love many movies just the same. But there is always that ONE that you could watch over and over. Guess which one is Kaiti's? Lets see, a 20 something year old female these days. Could it possibly have Patrick Swayze in it? Is there dancing involved? Is it dirty? Ok. That's so unoriginal. So what does that mean? Are all the boys my age infatuated with Star Wars or maybe even Ghostbusters or Indiana Jones? NO. They are all great movies, but guys tend to move on. Yeah, whenever we watch them it brings back memories and we get a little soft, but we accept the fact that something wicked this way comes. MY favorite movie is called "Cinderella Man". I can't get enough of that movie. In fact, I'm watching it right now. If you haven't seen it yet, I encourage you to rent it, or even BUY IT. We are all family people and we know what it's like to struggle. This movie brings out every breathing part of your soul and lays it out on the table. As a man with alot of pride who has had to accept charity in his struggles, this movie breaks my heart. During the part where he's asking everyne for money so he can turn his heat back on so he can get his children back is all too familiar. The fact that he keeps his head down and apologizes to everyone for asking reminds me of myself. At one point, his wife and his agents wife are talking and they say,

Agents wife: "Can you ever stop yours? When he sets his mind on a thing?"

Mae Braddock: " I wish I could."

Agents wife: "See, I never know who it's harder on. Them or us. We have to wait for them to fix everything. And everyday they feel like they're failing us. But really, it's just the world that's failed, ya know?"

If you have a child, this movie will tug at your heartstrings. I like to look at myself as "James J. Braddock", the main character. He is my ideal role model. His nickname is "the pride of New Jersey". The movie takes place during the depression and it shows the struggle of life and trying to keep your family together during times when you can't afford to keep your own children. This movie makes me cry everytime I watch it. Everytime I see the part where he gets hit in his broken ribs or hits the guy he's boxing with his broken hand, it tells me, Just keep fighting Micah- keep fighting . I want everyone to watch it at least. Kaiti is yet to watch it with me because it doesn't interest her at all. But seriously guys, let me know what you think of it.


Hannah said...

Oh yeah Micah. That movie is so so good.

Sarah said...

We love that movie too! I took Josiah to see it in the theater for his birthday the year it came out. Then I bought it for him on DVD that Christmas. A must have for every DVD collection!

Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, Micah, I LOVE that movie too. I bought it after I watched it when it came out. Adam loves it, and I took it to Dad's and had him watch it too. He loved it. That truly is a great one.

Jenna Consolo said...

You inspired me! I watched it again last night and got all teary and was totally cheering for Jimmy at the end. Such a great movie!