Tuesday, June 17, 2008

It's a sad day

Hello everyone!! Sorry I have been missing for a little bit but my internet got shut off temporarily. It's back on now, so I will be more present.

Today has started out as a miserable day. My babies and my beautiful wife have gone to the airport headed for Georgia where they'll stay for about a month. I knew this vacation was coming, but I have been dreading it the whole time. I know that most of you have been away from your loved ones for long periods of time, especially Abby, but we have never been apart for more than a week. Even when we were seperated, we still lived together.

I am a sad man this morning. Crying like a baby, I squeezed my babies tight and gave them kisses and told them how much I love them and how much I'll miss them. Kenzee understands what's going on and she is very comforting. She said,"Don't worry daddy, we'll call you every day." I hope so. Yeah, they are bratty at times and loud and they fight and they make horrible messes and poop on the carpet, but they are the best part of my day. The sweetness in their sleepy eyes when they wake up, or the way they curl up in my arms when I'm taking them into their room to go to sleep. The cute little things they do that make your heart melt. All of that is temporarily away from this house and held only for telephone conversations.

I always tell Kaiti that my favorite part of my job is clocking out and coming home to her. That is so true. We sleep awkwardly in our bed, with one of my legs twisted so that it fits between hers. It's really not comfortable, but its a little bit of security and a connection while we sleep. I can't even imagine spending all this time without her. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever laid eyes on. We fight with each other because we love each other so much. Thats all there is to it. It's been almost 4 years and we are still very much in love. She is what makes me- well, ME.

Back when I was really screwing up with drugs and alchohol, I could have never imagined my life this way.

I didn't care about anything.

For those of you who don't know how we met, let me revisit it for you because it's really kinda cool.

I was working at my old restaurant when there was a huge car accident out front. A car ran a red light and smashed into another literally right outside the front door. Everyone went outside and it was just a mess. Ambulances, cop cars and medics taking people out of the cars and glass shards everywhere. I got up close and saw this girl completely knocked out inside the car. She was taken by stretcher and put into the back of the ambulance.

A couple months or so later, I was at work and this girl and her mother came in. I was in love at fist sight I think because I would flirt with her and tell everyone she was my girlfriend, even though I didn't even really know her name.

They came in like once a week or so to visit me and everytime I saw her I was just blown away. I conned her phone number from her eventually and we bagan to talk. Although, I was too shy to call her, so i just texted her.

We started hanging out and we decided to become "boyfriend-girlfriend". After talking, she told me about this big car accident that she was in right outside my restaurant. She was in a coma and hospitalized for a month and it turned out that she was the girl that I saw in that car.

So, we like to say that where her life almost ended, is where it truly began.

I love you Kaiti. More than you'll ever know. I'm going to miss you guys so bad but I know it'd be selfish to keep our amazing babies from their grandpa Jay and grandma Sondi.

I know they'll be back and I will look forward to that day. In the meantime, i am going to work myself into the ground so I can have these bills paid off.

Safe flight family!!! Daddy loves you.


Jenna Consolo said...

Oh, Micah, this was heartbreaking. You made me cry because I said goodbye to my kids last Friday too. I hate goodbyes. I never knew that story of how you and Kaiti met. So, so cool. Like a movie! You have a great big heart, Micah. I hope the time flies by for you.

Hannah said...

Aww Micah. That is a really cool story!

I hope the time flies by for you and that Kaiti and the kids have a great visit.

YogaNana said...

I've been dreading this right along with you. May it go like a knife through soft butter and may you have everything ready for their return as you plan now. We love you out here!

Abby said...

I'd never heard that story before, either. I knew she was in a pretty bad car accident..but aww to you being drawn outside to her and then just..awww. You guys are freakin adorable!

Time will pass quicker than you know. You'll be working and getting bills paid and maybe doing the little something extra you hoped to do..and time will pass.