Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ok-screw this.

Yeah right. It's modification time. That diet is simply insane. I just layed on the bed in pain, just needing some kind of REAL food. I didn't budge though. However, 3 weeks of that is unrealistic. So, I'm modifying my diet. It goes more like this now:

NO bread
NO beer
NO sugar
NO white rice
NO pasta
NO potatoes

That sounds more like the Atkins diet, but I need my protein. I had zero energy yesterday because I was eating a hippie diet. I swear I'll still lose the weight though. It'll just be smaller meals without the above ingredients. Plus, my exercise is going well. Today is day 2, but I've been busting my hump. 60 minutes on the treadmill, weightlifting, boxing and AbLounge. Also, my work schedule doesn't allow me to follow that diet because I am there and busy for 10-12 hours a day. So, if I stuck to this, I'd probably die from malnourishment. Maybe if the food even tasted good on this diet it'd be easier. I had to choke down the EggBeaters, while vomiting in my mouth periodically. The plain yogurt is just terrible. It's just like pouring old milk into a bowl and eating it. Even better is the crappy smoothie with no flavor. Non Fat milk, plain yogurt, unsweetened fruit and ice. MMMMM. That was just great. The 100 calorie pack of cookies is just too little too late. It's about 6 tiny cookies. It just makes you want to cry when you open them. Its like seeing a lake in the desert and then realizing it's just a mirage. So, screw this diet. I'll do it on my own.


Abby said...

unsweetened fruit? Is there really such a thing? The morning smoothies is just about all I've kept doing from that diet. Yep..I also flunked out. The detox is what killed me..and I didn't even want to continue onto the reintroducing foods back thing. I LIKE potatoes. I like food. So I quit and I'm doing the calorie counting on my own..because that's basically all it was, ya know..and then I exercise like a mad woman everyday.

Maybe that commercial is right..diets DON'T work. Haha

Micah said...

Maybe it was the fact the fruit was mixed with complete blandness. Plus, I'm not allowed to have good stuff like bananas or watermelon or pineapple. It's strictly apples, pears and berries. Screw calorie counting too. I'm just eating good food and working out.

LB said...

OK, I caught the 'Uncle Loren' thing in the past blog....thanks chubby. But be it known....Uncle L is down 65 lbs (a mere pittance I know, but...)So, I am asking everyone, and definately now you, what will and won't your family eat so I can plan for the family get together at my place? Let me know, OK? and keep going...your young. it only gets harder the older you get.