Sunday, May 11, 2008

Let me apologize ahead of time

It turns out that children pick up on things really quick. Especially my lil McKenzee. I don't know where she hears some of the stuff she says to us, but she sure knows some bad stuff. I may have slipped here or there and used some foul language, but it's not like I curse profusely. The other day at Kohls she was chasing Kaiti around the store yelling, "I'm gonna tickle your boobies!" An old lady that was there says, "Nice parenting. She's really being taught good things." How ignorant is that? She'll (McKenzee) will walk up to me and out of the blue, say, "Dad? Where's my f***in' cup?" It just takes you by surprise because she's just this sweet little thing with such a dirty mouth. She was staying at grandmas last night and her grandma had a flashlight that made a smiley face on the wall, and Kenzee looked at her and said, "What the f*** is that?" Ugghhh. We're working on it though. Hopefully by the time we get out there she will have her foul language at bay.

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