Wednesday, May 28, 2008


MAY 2008

All settled in back at home in Colorado and I am finally trying to go through my pictures and get them cropped and everything. Apparently we were having too much fun because we didn't take that many pictures. So I'll have to steal everyone elses. All in all, the trip was a huge success. First off though, I have to thank David and Momma for their generocity. Had it not been for them, this would, no doubt, never have happened. So-THANK YOU VERY MUCH. We love you. This trip was so important to my family and I for many reasons. Stress was building up and being able to get away for a few days and just enjoy each other really helped us out. Also, it was important to me that my beautiful wife got to meet the rest of my siblings and that my babies got to meet their cousins. I think everyone was impressed with each other. Kaiti had a great time and really enjoyed all of you more than I think she thought she would and the children had so much fun with each other that they wore themselves out playing every day. I want to thank you all for being so kind to my wife and my children and for taking her in and showing her a good time. And finally, I got the chance, albeit unexpected, to clear out the air with Amanda. It was good to talk to her about everything and rebuild that bridge because we were afterall, best friends for so long. I just have to accept the fact that people do change and that nobody is perfect. I learned to seperate people from their actions and to just let things go. It was bad enough at one point that I swore I would never talk to her again. But she is my sister afterall, and I do love her. Very much. I guess it was just me being so protective and defensive of my sister that once she rebelled, I felt helpless and decide to just look the other way. Life is too short though and I'm ready to move on. Also, getting to spend time with Josiah was a surprisingly pleasant opportunity. It had been so long since we had even spoke and I think it's because I was avoiding him because of the whole Helzberg Diamond thing and feeling so guilty for doing that to him. I swear if I had the money, he'd have it right now. I'll work on it. But the time that Jonah, Josiah and I had to hang out and play basketball and attempt that crazy shot out of the waterslide of death, just made me think of all the time that we missed. We have to start making up for that. So, I am all for yearly reunions. Maybe we could switch up the location here and there and maybe we could even do it in North Carolina one year. Maybe then, Mom could get that holy grail of pictures that has been evading her all these years. Anyway, it's time to get going to work, but I will post some pictures soon. I love you all very much.



YogaNana said...

Ah, the holy grail being all nine of you in the same picture? So weird that it never happened, even when I KNOW everyone was present when the picture was taken. You'd think ...

The reunion was wonderful, indeed. I'm so glad you guys could come for all the reasons you mentioned and also so we could spend some time with you. :o)

Jenna Consolo said...

Micah! I am so impressed with you! You are a wonderful man and I adore Kaiti! What a good pick! She's really great and I enjoyed getting to know her and getting to watch you both at work with your darling kids. I can't wait to see you again!

Piper of Love said...

Hi Micah!

I'm here via Jenna's blog, with her permission. I agree with her, your blog is great :)

I really enjoyed meeting you and your little family, as well as the whole clan... what a great crew!

You are a great Dad, btw. :)

Hope to see you all again some day!

Juice said...

Forget about that Helzberg thing, Micah. I admit it bothered me for a long time - not the money, the circumstance - but Sarah convinced me to let it go a while back. You don't have to pay it back.
I meant to tell you how impressed I was with Kaiti. I'm glad you found a girl with some depth.
I've been scouting around for some possible locations for next year. I can't wait to do it again.

Hannah said...

Hahaha I love that video! She' so cute!

I was so glad to get to hang out with you Micah. I loved seeing you with Kaiti and your kids. You have an amazing family! And thank you so much for being kind and welcoming to Mike. I know he had a great time talking with you as well.