Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hmm, what to do?

"The woods are lovely, dark and deep. But I've got promises to keep. And Miles to go before I sleep."
Well hello again. It's been two days now without a drink, and I know you may be saying "whoopdy doo", but there haven't been many two days in a row that I have been sober. I work in a bar and all, and I am constantly being asked if I want a beer. But, honestly, whenever I go several days without drinking, I really do feel better. I feel more alive. Imagine what a week, or a month or more will feel like. The hardest days are going to be my days off and the nights I get off early. Luckily, I don't drink at work because I believe you shouldn't crap where you eat. I'm a sloppy, opinionated drunk and I'd most likely get myself fired. So, I have to find things to do to occupy me. Something fun. When me and Kaiti were seperated I worked out an awful lot, but I'm not quite ready to jump back into that yet. My body will be going through a recovery phase and I don't want to overexert (one word or two?) myself. I know because I did it before. The beating your insides take when you drink daily is brutal. For now it's eat less, but more healthy. I have to get to King Soopers for fruit cups and such. Things to snack on besides cookies. Drink lots of pomegranate juice and take my Mens One-A-Day vitamins. After a couple of weeks or so, my body will feel more energized and I will be ready to bust out my Billy Blanks TaeBo "Amped" edition. Screw the gym, if anyone has ever done TaeBo, they know. That's quite the workout. Plus I installed a heavy bag on my balcony so I can get back to boxing, and I have some free weights too. Until then, I think I may have to hit the library or something. But I think I owe them like 42 bucks. Overdue fees have really gone up. I mean, it's free to check them out and all. Otherwise, Kaiti and I have busted out the puzzles and have been dominating them. No challenge at all. ( Except when I get physically upset and mentally hurt and have to walk away for long intervals while Kaiti finishes them up). Also, I am a movie man. I watch EVERYTHING. Maybe I'll start my own Ebert and Roeper section in my blog. I still liked Siskel better. Hmm, good thinking micah. We'll start right now.

August Rush: It was alright. Except for Robin Williams playing the role of a Shredder-esque (from Ninja Turtles), harborer for musically gifted children, it was kinda cute. A child born to a couple of musicians is put into a foster home and decides it's his fate to meet his parents through the "magic of music". There are a few twists and turns and it's watchable. Plus Kaiti likes the guys accent. I'd give it two and a half stars.

That wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Anyway, back to work for me. I'll talk to you all soon. Thanks for the support. One day at a time.


Hannah said...

Congrats on your 2 days. Hey tomorrow it'll be 3! WooHoo!!!

YogaNana said...

Congrats, indeed!

I hadn't heard of the movie. That Robin Williams, he'll do anything, won't he?

How about painting some more?

Micah said...

Today is #4. I can't see a mess up because I close the next 2 days and wont be off til 2 am.

Jenna Consolo said...

Congratulations! I'm your biggest fan and cheerleader!

We constantly have an empty fridge too, and 6 hungry kids. Things getting shut off all the time, no car big enough for our whole family. It's very depressing. I really felt you, and appreciate your honesty. You are a good man, Micah.

You should look into a technical program...they might even have financial aid that would pay your living expenses as well as your tuition. That's pretty much how we got Adam Staley through school. Grants and loans.

Juice said...

The Robin Williams character was a blatant ripoff of Fagin, from Oliver Twist.

oh, and "Hey , Micah".