Friday, March 13, 2009


I just wanted to tell everyone how scared I am of tomorrow. It is part one of what is destined to be a LONG series of terrible dentist visits. Tomorrow I begin with the biggest trouble tooth. It is a molar on the bottom that no longer really exists. Just a few roots poking through the gums. They have to cut the gums open, drill through the center to crack it into three and then pull each root out one-by-one. Then they get to stitch the gums back up. I am also getting four fillings. I am not excited at all. I'll be happy when it's all finished but as of now....I'm terrified. I'll update you all tomorrow.


YogaNana said...

But you'll be nice and numb, and when it's over think how much less pain you'll have from those teeth! I'm a HUGE fan of dentists because they help so much!

Hang in there.


Hannah said...

You'll do fine. I had them numb me first and then I had the gas mask on the entire time. No prob! It goes fast too. You can do it. Just remember, NO STRAWS afterwards! That'll put you in some pain!