Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just got back from the dentist and I am in some serious pain. The tooth they took out couldn't be fully removed. The root tips are curled up into my jawbone. My dentist took some bone off to try to get as much as she could and then said "Not even an oral surgeon would go after the rest of that." I got four fillings also. The cavities were pretty deep so it made for an even more miserable time. I asked for the metal fillings, but they gave me the plastic ones. I also got some periodontic work done on the bottom right quadrant of my mouth. They cleaned it up pretty good. You never really know how bad your mouth situation is until you have a dentist prodding around in there. So, I am in some major pain, waiting for this Vicodin to kick in and it is off to bed for me. One quadrant done, $800 down. Three more to go. I haven't even got the major stuff done yet and I already wanna quit. The dentist assured me that the worst of it was over, judging by the x-rays. I hope that's true. This is going to be a heck of a process


Jenna Consolo said...

Poor Micah! You are doing the right thing, though, for sure. You've got to get your mouth in tip-top shape, since oral health is directly related to heart and brain health. You can do this.

Also, hardly anyone does metal fillings anymore. It isn't plastic that they use, it's just white, and those are the healthy ones. All kinds of bad side effects have been linked to the silver ones, and most dentists don't even offer them. Plus, who wants a mouth full of silver anyway?

Feel better. Love to you.

Hannah said...

Ouch. I'm sorry it was such a terrible experience. I agree with Jenna. The white fillings are the way to go.

YogaNana said...

Sorry to hear that was so rough -- but you gotta do what you gotta do, and let's believe the dentist when she says the worst is over. *Dreading* is the worst part of anything.


Abby said...

So how are you feeling a few days later? I remember getting a root canal when I lived with an ex and it was in total secret. I didn't want him knowing how bad my mouth was he dropped me off at the dentist, for what he thought, was a routine cleaning. No. I was all numb and in pain for a while after that. The stitches were fun, too. They randomly fell out at some point..I think I may have swallowed them. You never know.

David said...

I hope you're feeling a lot better by now, and that the next phase will be easier.