Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I am making order out of chaos

How do I put the pieces of my life back together? What do I do with those misshapen parts of myself, the parts that are old, frayed and tattered?

Recovery is the art of making order out of chaos. A person making beautiful patchwork quilts looks at many different shapes of material and puts them together to form a work of art. A quilter will not use every piece, nor will a quilter throw odd shapes away as unfit. An artist will examine each piece to determine whether it will enhance the overall beauty of the final design.

As an alcoholic, I become impatient with my own healing process. I want to get rid of all the nasty parts of myself...NOW. Any imperfect piece I want to dispose of immediately.

Let me take a lesson from the quiltmaker. I will examine all parts of myself before I make decisions to "keep" or "throw out". Who I am is all I have to work with. There is no need to rip myself apart and start over.

With love and patience, I am learning to make order out of my personal chaos. A work of art is in the making.


Abby said...

Beautifully put, Micah. You've totally got our support on this end..you're doing great! Love you!

Jenna Consolo said...

That was really profound, Micah. Keep at it. We love you so much, and more than that even, we believe in you.

YogaNana said...

You know, I've done (and still do) a lot of inner work based around a similar concept. I'm impressed that you got it without being "taught:" all your parts are You and you work with all of them to become whole. It's an ever on-going process.


Hannah said...

That's an awesome post Micah. You're doing great!! Just keep at it.

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