Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Update of boringness

I realize that I haven't written in quite awhile, but I just haven't really been up to it. Life has been its normal stressful self and I have been very busy trying to get some things taken care of. First of all, I paid off my license (finally), but I have been waiting a month and a half to recieve this license that they keep saying they sent. I called them and asked where it was because they told me it would be about 5 business days. She said she had sent it to the wrong address, but that was the address they had on file and she could not change the address on file, BUT, she could resend it to the wrong address again. She was extremely rude. So, I had to log onto the AZ DMV website, change my address, and pay for a duplicate license. Still waiting. I have been looking into getting myself a vehicle too. Our car is a piece, and it's not gonna last much longer. I found a place that won't rip you off and are genuinely nice and caring of your situation. They gave me a voucher for free credit repair software, some advice of how to raise my score without much trouble and told me to come back when I wasn't broke. The place is called Freeway Ford and it's "Troubleshooter Tom Martino" approved so I feel comfortable with that. They have pretty much assured me that they can finance me but would like something down, and our cars trade in value was $200. That's sad. So, we're gonna hold onto the little guy until it just poops out, because $200 for a car? C'mon.

On a good deed note: On our way home from the dealership we stopped at a red light and there was a lady standing on the corner. Stretched out brown shirt, dirt on her face and arms, raggedy hair and a sign, "$20 away from a hotel room for the night. Sleeping on the street, Please Help."
So, I honked, the lady came over and I handed her a $20 bill. She immediately began crying and thanking me with a shameful look in her eyes. I told her "Keep your head up." She folded up her sign and headed straight for the hotel. Some people truly need just a little help and it feels good whenever I can do ANYTHING for someone to help them, as I have recieved my own lions share in my life.

So, if you haven't heard, the DNC is in Denver this year and what a nightmare it is. Not so much in my neighborhood, but Denver is CRAZY right now. There are snipers on rooftops, millions of cops, the freeway is shut down on Thursday, and they have makeshift prisons set up all over. The security is staying in Lakewood in the Hampden Inn next door to my work, so we have been slammed with cops and such at the restaurant. I really wanted to go to the Pepsi Center to see Obamas speech, but you gotta be someone important or something. So, I'll just watch it on TV.

Kaiti and I have been having our issues again, but after a long talk, we are trying to make it work. Our issues by the way are completely stupid and it would be a real shame if they caused our family to seperate. She's bored and tired of not having a social life and being "stuck" at home with the children all day while I'm at work all night. Stuff like that. I know that must be hard to have no one to talk to or no real free time to go have fun, but believe me, I'm on the same boat. Kaiti is my best friend though and I'm content with just being around her and the kids. It may be because I'm older than her and I've done things, but most of my fun came when I was like 18. I had my first kid when I was 22 and since then, my life has been reserved for them. I drink here and there, but mostly here, at home. Our situation is a tough one but I am confident that we will be just fine. I just have to focus on reserving time for Kaiti and I, and finding a reliable babysitter. No more just hanging around the house when I'm home. Time to get out there and do something. Maybe when there is a new car that can get us places is parked in our carport, we will have more options. I'll keep you updated, but I know we'll be fine.

On a good note, Kaiti has started school. That was very important to me, because she always says she's a loser and all that crap. So I helped her study for her GED and then sent her on her way to get it done. When I got mine it was $30. It's $90 now. I guess thats not too bad when you consider it's like a high school education. Anyway, I know some girls who go to PIMA Medical Institute and they love it. So they recommended I have her check it out. So, she did, and on Monday, she had her first day. It was so cute. She came home with her big ol' backpack and she had homework and stuff. This is a step in her happiness. That's what matters to me. It gets her out of the house and away from screaming kids and lets her be able to socialize and do something with her life. She will be the first in her family, or the first O'Malley period, to graduate from college. It's only eight months long and it's only from 8am-12pm M-F, so it's very doable.

Anyway, not much else has been going on, but when I get some pics taken or something, I will post them, along with any updates.


Abby said...

I brought it up to Orion a couple of months ago that we should have just sold the Buick to you and Kaiti..but now that it's across the water and $3,000 to have shipped over (and that's pretty much all she's worth anymore so the Blue Book says..but she's way awesome and worth millions in my heart)..it's pretty pointless.

Obama was here a couple of weeks ago on "vacation" but when does a candidate ever get a real vacation, ya know? I saw him driving around when we were getting in the car and Micah, he looked at me. Someone O works with saw him at Tripler hospital..visiting soldiers..and it was pretty hard to get around for a little bit because police were always blocking off the roads so he could get by.

I'm so super glad Kaiti is going to school. Good for her!

YogaNana said...

Been waiting to hear from you -- it all sounds good. Ahh, bookbags and homework! Ahh, the memories! Tell Kaiti I'm excited for her.

YogaNana said...

And btw -- I'm very proud of you for helping that woman. It's hard to know which folks beside the road are running a racket and which ones really need help, but you *done good,* as we used to say.

Hope you've soon got your own wheels. I don't think highly of Fords or people who sell them, I'm a Toyota person, but if Troubleshooter Tom says these guys are okay, I feel much better about them. :o) Way to do your research.

Lyns said...

Micah! I've missed your updates. You are such a good man. In so many ways. Awesome of you to help that woman, and awesome of you to be the kind of man/husband that wants his wife to make the most of herself. School will really help Kaiti. It's very hard to be at home with children all day. It's easy to feel lost. Tell her that we'd love her to be more involved in all of our blog "chat" too! Silly as it sounds, blogging has filled a social need for me, and I would love Kaiti to "talk" to us, maybe start a blog of her own. Hang in there! You guys are awesome!